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How Do Clairemont Seniors Feel About Graduating?!

How Do Clairemont Seniors Feel About Graduating?!

Seniors, you have only one month left of the school year!

Are you counting down the days before your presence in the hallowed hallways of Clairemont High School are over? Soon, you will no longer be eating lunch in the quad or sitting on the senior lawn. There are only two months left of being a senior. You’re now a part time student and soon you will start a new beginning, as a college student, employee or wherever you end up.  Real life is about to start.

Prom and Grad Nite will be the end to your four years of high school. What exactly are you feeling right now? Are you sad or excited to leave and experience something beyond your anything you’ve known before?

The CHS Arrow (chsarrow.com) was curious what the 2012 senior’s plans are after high school. Where they’re going to college?

Mariah Wycoff, a senior volleyball and softball player stated, “I’m looking forward to going to college because I can continue playing softball and start working on my future.”

Most seniors here at Clairemont were accepted to multiple colleges such as Ivan Reyes. SFSU, Humboldt and Cal Poly gladly admitted Ivan to their campus. Reyes has Cal Poly in mind for the main college he wants to attend. “I chose Cal Poly because it is closer to San Diego but it gives me enough distance to experience a new environment and meet new people,” said Reyes.


Varsity baseball player, Andy Eakes, achieved a 3.5 first semester and received a scholarship for baseball at Hawaii Pacific. “My goals are to continue playing baseball as much as possible and continue getting good grades.” To life in general, “I would like to become a firefighter if my baseball career does not work out as planned,” explained Eakes.

Michelle Escobedo, a varsity basketball player, will be attending University of Oklahoma in the fall. She said, “I am looking forward to moving to a new place to have a fresh start, and I can’t wait to be able to see family.”

Senior Sarah Connell, a varsity volleyball player, is going to San Diego State University. She said “I feel like going to college is the right decision because later in life when I’m looking for a high paying job, I will have an edge over other people.” Connell doesn’t plan on just attending San Diego State University all four years. She is looking forward to transferring to University of San Diego after her freshman year to play volleyball for their team. Her plans seem to be working out very well, “I am going to make sure I maintain my GPA of a 3.8 so my acceptance to SDSU is not jeopardized.”

Jesseca Obayashi was accepted to California State San Marcos. “I am looking forward to be finishing high school and starting down the college path of getting my life together.”

As for other people who aren’t planning on going to a four year college right away, like Tori Fletcher. She is going to a community college after high school. “I’ve been helping myself to receive information about Miramar Community College at CHS because Mesa is so widely advertised.” The lack of information has made her more driven to pursue her education. Tori has been enjoying senior year here at Clairemont High School while keeping up with all the end of the year senior activities.

Despite the stress and struggles these seniors went through applying to college applications and meeting the senior requirements, they seem to be enjoying themselves at their current stand point.

We hope that our seniors have a wonderful finish of their high school career and may all their goals be achieved. Good luck seniors of 2012!

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