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Sophomore Gabrielle Tinsley Runs Towards Success

Sophomore Gabrielle Tinsley Runs Towards Success

Gabrielle Tinsley (sophomore) is having a glorious start to her second year of cross country. Now 2-0, with plenty of races to come, she’s helping carry the girl’s team and hopes to bring them to new heights and hopefully a C.I.F. title.

Before cross country she completed track in the spring and broke Clairemont’s two-mile record with an amazing 11:12 time. That’s not all; she captured a C.I.F. title as a freshman in the 3200-meter run as well.

“I just love to run. Cross country takes a lot of dedication and effort, but is rewarding and satisfying. It’s a mental and physical sport that requires time to get good at, that’s one of the reasons why I love cross country.” said Gabi

“Every once in a while I have to make a few sacrifices, like going to bed early and missing out on some things if there is a race or hard work out the next day. This is the second year I missed homecoming because I have a race”

Tinsley runs four to ten miles a day usually six days a week. Her goal this season is to help the girl’s team win CIF and get to state.

Gabi and her teammates recently ran in the 32nd annual Woodbridge cross country classic in Costa Mesa, Ca. Gabi finished 5th in her 3-mile race against 304 competitors. In the entire competition she placed 51st out of 1936 contestants, a remarkable feat, considering that girls come from all over the U.S. to compete.

“Gabi works hard during our practice and gives a hundred and ten percent and I hope I can be as good as her some day.” says sophomore newcomer Ben Sykes.

“I think Gabi will be successful in the future and will probably get a scholarship to a college for cross country or Track” says second year veteran Dennis Bui.

“I think Gabi has a bright future in running, she is a very driven athlete that pushes herself much further than you’re your average fifteen year old, and it pays off as she’s one of the most talented sophomores in the county. She trains all year around, so it’s not just a seasonal sport and she cares about her performances very dearly.” says coach Sean Stevenson

Her ambition is to run in college and hopefully get a scholarship and even possibly make it to the Olympics some day.




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