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Should APEX Courses Be Abolished or Expanded? An Opportunity to Catch up or an Easy Way Out?

Should APEX Courses Be Abolished or Expanded?  An Opportunity to Catch up or an Easy Way Out?
Getting by in life without a high school diploma is nearly impossible. So for some students, taking an APEX class is their last hope at completing their education. APEX is a unique credit recovery program that need not be eliminated. While it is a controversial program and has some downsides, APEX is the crucial second chance that some students need. It has helped many students to get their grades up and graduate high school.There are many students who don’t do well in classes and can’t graduate from high school without a second chance. The APEX credit recovery program is a self-motivating, online program where students can make up their work at home or at school.Senior Antonio Sims says APEX is very accommodating, “APEX helped me to make up the classes that I failed.”Opponents of APEX argue that students are too isolated while working; but the isolation is advantageous in that students can focus more on their work without distraction.APEX is also a learning experience for some people. Many APEX students discover how much harder their schedule is when they have to juggle core classes and take APEX, so they learn to pass their regular classes the first time.

APEX classes can augment students learning. Some of the material students learn slips their minds; APEX offers those students a chance to relearn the material.

It is a vital resource for struggling high school students to be able to obtain the credits they need and graduate on time.

APEX is a necessary program that must be kept. If education is so critical to student success, then why take away student’s opportunity to learn?

      If you take an APEX during high school, you may be waving goodbye to a four-year university. APEX is a self-motivating, online program where students can pass the classes they’ve failed.     The APEX program is allowing students who failed classes to have a second chance at getting a credit, but at what cost?

                   Most four year universities are not accepting APEX classes on high school transcripts. The fact is the CSU system does not want to admit students who slacked off and didn’t care about their grades. They want students who struggled to achieve a higher level of academic achievement.

              Administrators should consider eliminating APEX.

      “Even though APEX helped me pass my classes, I’m kind of bummed out because I planned on going to a four-year University and now I can’t,” says sophomore Nancy Sanchez.

           APEX courses are also problematic because they are not accepted by the NCAA when it determines an athletic eligibility.

      Students from grades 9-12 that are enrolled in a San Diego Unified School District are eligible for APEX. Also students who have not passed one or both portions of the California High School Exit Examination, also known as the CAHSEE, are eligible to enroll in APEX.

             Another problem with APEX is some students say APEX classes are easier than regular core classes. Students who feel these classes are easier purposely fail their regular classes.

         APEX students have a class at school, but they also can log on at home and work from there. However, working on APEX at home is not a good idea. Students, who work at home work without supervision. They tend to slack off or procrastinate. If the students don’t complete the amount of units they were assigned then they don’t pass the class. They can also have others do their work for them.          

                Many students join APEX for their own academic salvation. Their counselors recommend them. “As a last resort, if it’s looking like they’re not going to graduate, that’s when I recommend Apex to them,” says counselor Nella Landau. 

       However, APEX is bad idea because students are isolated from other students and other teachers. They don’t get the high school experience other students get. And diplomas with APEX course on them is less meaningful than one without them.

          APEX computers also take jobs from teachers who need them during these hard budgetary times.

      APEX needs to be abolished!

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5 Responses to “Should APEX Courses Be Abolished or Expanded? An Opportunity to Catch up or an Easy Way Out?”

  1. kody deweert on October 21st, 2014 10:50 am

    I am a student at kelso high school and I am in an apex class and it is harder to pass class in PASS then the regular class is


  2. Brent Huntzinger on November 21st, 2014 9:48 am

    This is the second time taking the same APEX class, english 11. The first time i took the class i couldn’t pass it because i ran out of time. Now im taking it again and i will probably not graduate because of it being so hard and taking so much time to do it. Ive had 5 months to complete the course and im on my 4th months right now and im at 14%. I think Apex should be abolished because of it being so hard and not having a teacher help me with it.


  3. Brent Huntzinger on November 21st, 2014 9:50 am

    And also i work the absolute hardest i possibly can and its still not good enough…


  4. a tired senior on February 6th, 2015 10:52 am

    APEX is a class that is allowing me to fix the problems that my high school made when i transferred, you try to make a point about the “High school experience” i don’t know if you remember much of HS, because i spend all my time walking through over crowded halls, getting knocked into lockers, and being afraid to go into the bathroom because of what might happen. High School is around to teach one kind of student and not to allow you to grow into the person that you will be someday. no matter how much an educational service advertises there versatility with learning methods, they all teach to one type of student, the smartest kid in the class and everybody else has to keep up with him or fail trying. apex is the reason i am able to graduate with my Girl friend, go to college at all (even if i cant get into a four year like you say), and live life the way i want to. apex is a wonderful program, and if you try to fail your classes to take apex then the next year you have to take 6 apex classes, as well as your regular classes.
    a tired senior


  5. Bobby on May 19th, 2015 1:41 pm

    I love APEX because I can complete all of biology in under 2 weeks with just using my friend named google all the answers are online don’t sweat it just look it up good luck hope its easier now/